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Dirty Plays and the Tooth Fairy

Monday Well, this day did not go as planned.  I wonder how many days of my life I can put under that category?  Probably a lot.  I was supposed to take the kids to school, go down to Knoxville and get our financials for the city done at the CPA’s (which I did) and then spend rest of the day at City Hall getting ready for tomorrow night’s meeting.  Well, it started to snow while I was in Knoxville.  And snow.  And snow.  I got home, was going to eat some lunch and head over to City Hall when I happened to glance at my phone and saw that school was dismissing at 1 pm and could elementary parents please be there by 12:45.  Yikes.  It was a nightmare getting there and back.  There were quite a few times that I experienced white out conditions while driving and I was praying the entire way.  My wipers kept freezing up.  I was just thankful that I was driving my red van today because it’s my not-nice vehicle and if I was going to get in a crash, I’d rather wreck that one.  But I’d really pre…
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Vacationing in North Korea

Life is going at full-throttle again.I keep telling myself that a year from now things will be easier and the only reason I think that is because I won’t be in school any more.So, maybe it will be easier.But I’ll be working – so maybe not.
Normally, it seems like our professors “ease” us into our classes.  Not this time.  Both are lit classes and both have copious amounts of work.  For  this week, alone, I had to read Hamlet, The Rover, the Illiad, and Ducitus.  Not only do you have to read, but then you have discussion questions and responses and then you have papers to submit on each…it’s killing me.  And then you do the same thing the following week and the next – for 8 weeks!  On the other hand, I am getting a crash course in all these great classics I probably should have studied long before now.  And so far, I’m acing everything.  My one professor is especially effusive in his praise.  I suspect that I answer things more in depth than a lot of my classmates.  But that’s me – I’m …

Moving...into January

Jan. 2, 2018
Ahh…a new year.  Although, 2017 wasn’t a bad one – just a busy one.  I have seen so many people on Facebook commenting about what an awful year 2017 was and how happy they are to close the books on it and I wonder if that has just become a popular, negative attitude to take since it was Trump’s first year in office, as well as the natural disasters that did occur – wildfires, hurricanes, etc.  I for, one, am happy to turn the calendar to 2018 simply because I like the number 18 better than the number 17!
It is currently -15 below outside with a “feels” like temp of -30.  It’s been that way for a few days now.  Tomorrow the kids go back to school.  It’s supposed to get up to 11 tomorrow, but I am wondering if there will be a 2 hour delay.  I was supposed to take Ben to Genesis this morning and then I had an appointment to get my key cylinder replaced at the KIA dealership.  But I cancelled both because it’s hard for my van to move in this weather and because there were all k…


Monday It is finally…over.  Two of the hardest, back to back terms I have ever experienced. 
A’s in every single class.
Even my grammar class!  I couldn’t believe it!  Although, I kind of suspect the professor was giving them out for effort.  I thought I was going to be good to get out of that one with a C!  But the last test was graded today and I had a 97% final grade.  Wooh…time for a break.  I get 3 weeks now.  Then I start again.  Two literature classes this time – something called “Dramatic Literature” (whatever that is – maybe plays?) and World Literature.  My favorite professor, the one who told me that she was quite certain I could make it in college based on my email to her telling her I didn’t think I could do this when I about fainted looking at my first syllabus is teaching one of them.  And then I’ll have her again for another class that starts in March.
I received an email about graduation exercises the other day.  But I think it was just sent to me because I’m a senior.  …