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Smart Phone Theology and Ancestral Thoughts

I’ve been 45 for 10 days now – still feels good.

I learned today that Easter next year will fall on April 16. That will be nice. Maybe we won’t freeze while hunting Easter eggs like we did yesterday and maybe the girls won’t have to wear tights and long sleeved dresses to church!

But it was still a good a weekend. We were able to go up and see my folks. I always enjoy visiting their church – lots of people there praying for us still. Will voluntarily came, as well, which surprised me. I noted to myself that this might have been one of the last, or the last, trip we all take together up there. The winds of change are beginning to tap at the windows (like they haven’t been gusting to hurricane strength the last four years, anyway!)…


I love my smart phone. I think I have mentioned that more than once. I know there’s a lot of features I probably don’t even know about yet. One of the great ones is that I can carry my music with me everywhere I go. …

Lizzie the Loud Mouth

March 19, 2016

So, I turned 45 yesterday. And what a relief that is! There are very few “40” numbers I like. In fact only 40, 42, and 45 are really acceptable. 48 is borderline. It only slips in because 4 is half of 8. I was commenting about this to Sara earlier this week and mentioned how turning 49 will be just awful and she nodded sympathetically and said, “Oh, I know because 50 will be right around the corner then!” But that’s not it at all. I would prefer to be 50 rather than 49. 50 is a nice number – even and full of fives and zeros. But 49 is terrible because 9 is the worst digit of all. It has been suggested to me more than once that I’m a little weird about numbers…

And even though I am now halfway to 90 (as my brother reminded me yesterday) I am very pleased to be this age. I don’t know, I guess I’m even a little curious about what the next year will bring. I feel like I’ve been “asleep” for so long and I’m finally beginning to wake up a little bit – still plen…

March Madness

Well, I’ll just jump into this with what is on my mind tonight:


And, no, I’m not.

But I went to the eharmony website tonight, just to check them out in case, you know, I DID want to date. Which I don’t think I do yet. I don’t know. They immediately had me start filling out a profile which I really didn’t want to do and the more I sat there, the less comfortable I felt so I finally just quit which has resulted in 3 emails from eharmony already asking if I really wanted to quit? Yes, I really did. I don’t think I’m ready yet.

I did some googling of reviews and eharmony actually has terrible reviews for the financial end of things. They’re expensive and it can be really difficult to get them to quit billing you once you want to quit. Ugh. I don’t want that kind of headache – or expense. But it sounds like they are pretty effective for actually finding people matches. 

There are cheaper Christian sites out there but they don’t have the high security that eharmony does (for whi…

Pretty Girls and Jolly Ranchers

March 5, 2016

It’s 9pm on a Saturday night.  I should be winding down for the night, which I sort of am.  But, I was cleaning up the kitchen when I was suddenly possessed with the urge to work on a blog post right now.  That probably has more to do with wanting to avoid kitchen work more than desiring to write.
I got everything done on my list today, which was a minor miracle.  Well, everything except making a salad for tomorrow’s lunch.  We have some applesauce – that will do.  Most of the day was spent in the kitchen.  I had to make tomorrow’s lunch as well as do a lot of cooking for the SNAG tomorrow night after church.  That’s the monthly fellowship for the teens and college agers.  Every year about this time, my friend, Danielle and I host it.  We must have a reputation.  David said last week some of the guys in the youth group were excitedly mentioning that it was the Heywood/Hodges night to host.  This is our third year of doing a “bar.”  We’ve done a hamburger bar, a baked potat…