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Ongoing Medical Sagas and the Titanic

I wasn't going to stick this here, but it refuses to move! This image popped up on my newsfeed this week, an artist's rendition of "grief" - I thought it was SO good and so accurate.


So, back into the normal minutia that makes up this blog…

I had to drive to Iowa City today to take Ben to his dental appointment (4 hour round trip for a 20 minute visit…sigh…I hate Medicaid). His teeth are fine, but they’re telling me we need to get his wisdom teeth out before he turns 21.

Apparently, Medicaid gets a little nasty if you try to claim that after that age. So, I think we’ll shoot for next winter. I may be able to have that done in Des Moines rather than having to drive out there. Ben would probably appreciate that.

A week ago I took Ben in for his Special Olympics physical. He’s fine. The doctor says he done growing, which I kind of thought was the case. I haven’t had to buy him new clothes in a long time. He topped out at 5’, 11” whic…

Like Gold


This post is all about Ben's prom. I didn't intend to devote a single post to that subject. It was just going to be a paragraph or two, included in my normal reportings and musings. But I guess I had more to say about it than I realized. I had the unique experience of attending all the events with him because of his needs. I realize that this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. And it was unique because my own high school proms (parochial school) were a generation ago and lot less involved. Basically, we dressed up and ate a fancy meal together. We didn't know what we were missing, so it was ok. Our church offers a prom alternative event for the youth group kids (which Ben and David will attend in a couple of weeks) and that's pretty much the same thing. And the kids and parents are fine with it. But this was a unique opportunity for both Ben and I. Ben had told me a year ago he wanted to attend his senior prom. I didn't give him a defini…

Global Warming and God's Will


A sleepy Saturday – although with the sun as bright as it is, it’s hard to be too sleepy. I managed to sleep in until almost 8 this morning, which was quite a feat. Usually, I wake up by 7, no matter what – stupid internal alarm clock.
It’s been kind of eventful this week – sort of. Maybe it just feels that way because of all the pressure I’m feeling. I’m trying to get plans into place for Ben’s party, Prom is in a week, and I’ve got a major paper due in two weeks (the polished final draft is due tomorrow and then we’ll correct whatever the professor says to and turn in the final, final copy in two weeks).
Ben was sick for most of it – missed four days of school. I think it was just a cold, but it was a humdinger of one. His nose was beet red and literally bleeding from being wiped so much. He’s feeling fine now, but his nose is all scabbed up on the outside. That needs to be healed up by next weekend (prom)! He…

Come to Me

Today would have been my friend, Julie’s 45th birthday. I sent her mom a Facebook message, for which she thanked me. It’s been over 6 years since she died. You don’t realize how fast time is going until it’s already gone.


And other distressing news: my internet has been down since yesterday afternoon. I keep calling them and they keep assuring me that they’re working on it. I’ll have brief periods where it’s up and then it’s down again. Of course, the good news will be, when I actually post this, I should have internet again. At least for a little while.

It needs to get fixed because I have some homework due this weekend. I did a little bit of it up at City Hall, but I really do not care for the internet up there at all (it’s satellite). Plus, I want to send a note to the school principal to complain about something. I found out that the school weighed all the kids this week. That really bothers me. Why is their business how much my child weigh…

Peeking Blooms

Today were the Special Olympics spring games. This was Ben’s 6th year of participating and the fifth in which we were utterly miserable. Actually, it wasn’t too bad this year, because, unlike other years, we prepared for the misery. We wore long underwear and brought our stocking hats and mittens and wore winter coats over our Special Olympic jackets. But that wind…it was something else. It whistled straight through my knitted cap.

Ben did pretty well, even with the nasty weather. He got first place in the 100 meter dash, which means he could go to the state meet – except that’s the day of his graduation party. He’s not even going to do bocce ball this year because that competition is on his last-ever day of high school and I know he won’t want to miss that. So we’re done with Sp. Olympics until next fall. And who knows what will be happening then with him working and all the other changes in his life?


I’ve had sick people at my house for several…