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The Mom Who Ruined Summer

It’s getting closer – I can feel it in every bone. The 6th is coming…I think I ask myself on here every year if it will always be this way. We’re actually going to observe on the 5th. And Will and Arien won’t be around because they’re going on a college group camping trip. Monday is the 6th and David will be off to Water and Work week at camp and I’ll be driving Ben up for his week of Special camp. And that night Will and the Littles will be involved with VBS.  It'll be a busy day - as if in the busyness I'll be giving credence to the fact that life does, indeed, go on after death.

Last Thursday, though, it occurred to me that I had survived. Paul died the Wed. night following Will’s Saturday graduation party, and I know, at least in the beginning of the school year, Ben had been concerned about losing me after his party because graduations and death are now tied up together in all our minds. But I made it past Wed. and I’m still here, obviously.


Glad Hearts and Graduation

I keep catching myself. I find myself thinking, “Oh, I need to be making his lunch for tomorrow,” or, “He could wear that new Hawkeye shirt of his to school tomorrow.” And then I remember all over again. There is no more school.

Ben has graduated.

What a journey! My readers who have been with me all along may remember the angst I went through and poured out on my (old) blog pages when I began to seriously consider the idea of discontinuing to homeschool Ben. It ended up being the best decision we could have made for him. Just tonight I sent off a long email to the school superintendent, praising the Sp. Education dept. at the school. Last Friday, I had flowers delivered to Ben’s teachers. As I told the superintendent, they did more than teach Ben. They loved him. They weren’t just getting through the school days, but they were intent on preparing him in the best way possible for life outside the classroom. I am so thankful I wasn’t so stubborn about homeschooling that I refus…

The Miracle of Maturation

It is going to be a busy, busy week. It was a busy weekend, too. More on that, later. I spent some time this morning making a to-do list just for this week…it’s long. Really long.

But at least my schoolwork isn’t overwhelming on top of everything else. I found out that “Literary Movement” is a class about British Victorian literature. And what class did I just help Will pass (more than pass – I got him an A!) – yes, British Lit. There are only two of us in the class and so far, our work load has been really light. Even our final paper only has to be 1200 words in length, which is nothing. I could have doubled on classes this term if I had known. Oh well. The kids will be out of school in a week and a half and that will dramatically lessen my quiet time, so it’s probably just as well I’m not overly burdened right now.

I am doing my final paper on Silas Marner, I decided. I was introduced to that in a high school lit class nearly 30 years ago and loved it. I think I was the only one in th…

Did I Mention that it's Mother's Day?

May 7, 2016

The day before Mother’s Day…I got home and after feeding the Littles faced a disaster of a kitchen. I started in on it and then thought, “Wait a minute…” I had 5 kids who were all off in front of their tablets and on the computer and so forth. So I hauled them all in and made them help me. Then, I had the audacity to ask Lizzie and Sam to carry the laundry downstairs (only because it didn’t get done yesterday because as soon as they got home from school I took them to a fun event at church!) and Lizzie immediately collapsed on the floor, completely upset that I would dare ask her to work on a Saturday. Yeah…she’s taking a nap right now. She’s not real happy with me about that one, either.

This morning was my talk. I don’t think I had mentioned it on my blog before, but a few weeks ago I was asked to speak at my church’s ladies brunch on the subject of encouragement. It ended up being about a 15 min. talk and it seemed to go all…