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Cheese in the Toy Box


Fathers Day…not a favorite of mine anymore. About 10 days ago I decided that I absolutely could not and would not sit through another sermon on the joys and responsibilities of godly fatherhood. Besides, it worked out best anyway, time-wise. In the last couple of years we’ve done picnics at the park on Father’s Day. Will and David had to get up to the fairgrounds today because they are both entering pictures in the State Fair photography contest. So, after Sunday School (which was NOT about fatherhood, thankfully) Ben, the Littles, and I left. That way I was able to get home, get things ready, run down to Hy-Vee and get the chicken, and then we could have our picnic and the boys had time enough to get up to Des Moines. It worked out.

I’ve had a harder time the last week or so with missing Paul. That surprised me. I guess I’d kind of begun to think I’d healed enough that I wasn’t going to do that anymore. It’s nothing like what it was, but it’s more than it has been. Ma…

Heat, Adulting, and Teeth


Summer has arrived with all its heat and humidity. The kids’ new pool arrived mid-week and Will got it set up for them. I took the Littles yesterday to the Carlisle pool, which was so crowded that there were not even any parking spots. So, I parked on the grass. But this morning there was a thunderstorm. It was so cozy – thunder rumbling and the sky all dark. I ended up sleeping in until after 9am! I must have needed it.

This was the first week of camp. Monday, Ben and I rode up with his friends, Marissa and Tanji and their mothers, Maureen and Pennie. We moms had a great time! I didn’t really know Pennie, other than by sight at Special Olympic events before. The next day she messaged me and said, “We seem to have so much in common – let’s do lunch sometime!” So, I have a new friend.

Ben was really struggling with his allergies the first half of the week, to the point I was fearful I was going to have to go pick him up. But he rallied and completed the week. His…