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Old Faithful is Dead, and Now I'm Seeing Red


Last week was a week. This week should be better. But then I almost feel guilty for thinking like this. This morning I crawled onto Facebook only to learn that one of the women in my mom’s group that I’ve been part of since 2005 lost her home to a house fire last night. Makes my own problems seem pretty insignificant by comparison.


I had a lot of schoolwork to do last night. As it was, Will and I were working on my geography until nearly 11 pm last night (it was due at midnight)! This week will be a little easier in that regard. But in the midst of all that – I ended up buying a new (to me) van. My other one recently passed 235,000 miles and more and more things were beginning to not work right. I just assumed that one day the van would completely die – give up right in the middle of the highway and gasp, “No more!” But I don’t think anymore that’s how it happens. I think they just gradually lose all their working parts until the owner …

Tires and Tired


Well, I will start this today, but I know this will be another 2-3 day endeavor before I get it posted.

I have been so swamped with my schoolwork. I’m getting through my geography class with Will’s help only. I think I had mentioned that before. I’m actually helping him with his geography class (which is the kind of geog. class I thought I was signing up for) and his Western Civ. Class. One of them is unnecessarily difficult because of the instructor. She told Will/me that we were “padding” our word count during discussions by introducing our reply with a compliment to the original poster. Apparently, she wants us to jump in there and just start criticizing the original poster right off the bat.

And my Writing class is really, really difficult, too! It would be one thing if I could just write and write to my heart’s content, but it’s not that - it’s all about MLA documentation (while the geog. instructor wants APA – hard to keep those separate in my mind) and, right now…

The Week in Bullet Points

Labor Day today. My life seems to be about a lot of that. But it could be worse. I could be a widow living in the Sudan, worried out of my mind about my sons being kidnapped as child soldiers, being raped on my way to get water, having to carry said water on my head (ouch), and oh, having to scratch out a living so we don’t all starve to death. I’ve got it pretty good here.

Last week was a rough, rough week. In bullet points:

· I got sick – like sinus infection sick. Finally went to Urgent Care and got antibiotics. Doing better now, still feel like I have green goo stuck to my insides, slowing down every movement
· The kids got sick, but not as sick as me. Made a one hour round trip with a couple of them to the dr one day, only to be told, “Oh, they’re at the tail end of this – they’ll be fine in a couple of days!” Grrr...if I put out that kind of effort, I had better get antibiotics in return…
· Ben started his new job. He loves it. I had trouble commun…