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Godliness or the Generational Gap?


Mid October and it’s supposed to get up to 85 degrees today. Ugh. I turned the AC back on. Lizzie has outgrown all her summer tops and I hate sending her to school every day in shirts and shorts that are straining at the seams. Bring on the cold weather! I did get to use my electric blanket one night last week – on low. That was nice. It’s just kind of a schizophrenic time of year, I guess.

I spent some time at the mall a week or so ago. As I walked through, I noticed that they were playing Christian music over the loudspeakers. Huh. Then, it occurred to me that any more, there’s not a whole lot of difference between secular and popular Christian music, so that could be why. Later, I was in Dillards and I heard hymns playing. I thought to myself, “Wow – now that’s really nice!” I was enjoying them for quite some time before I realized the hymns were coming from my own pocket. My music on my phone had accidentally turned on and it was Anthem Lights singing one of th…

Betrayal and my Big Feet


I just had to say good-bye to my 13 day old van…as it left my house on a tow truck. Of all the things I hate about widowhood, this is right at the top of the list – having to make repair decisions. That was always Paul’s realm. I knew if anything broke he’d figure out a way to fix it, or in some cases, have someone else fix it. But I didn’t have to worry about it. Of course, now I’ve been filled with self doubt. Was that van really from God or did I act too hastily in buying it? Did I just get sold a lemon? It has worked just fine for the past 13 days. The check engine light has been on but mine was on for the last year and a half in my old van and there was absolutely nothing wrong with the engine. When I dropped of the title to my van I had my car guy hook his trouble shooting device up to it and he re-set the light for me – which came back on about a half hour after leaving his shop. So, when I picked up my tires and batteries a few days later I had him hook the m…