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I really do not have a ton to write about.  It’s the lull before the gale, I guess.  School starts for the kids on Aug. 29, which means I should start getting sub calls soon thereafter.  My own next term starts Aug. 28, and the way it is set up, I think it’s going to be a pretty grueling 8 weeks.  But right now, I’m just kind of floating along, enjoying the last of summer break.
I finally did do some stuff with the kids last weekend, though.  All summer long I had planned to take them to Living History Farms and to a pool at least once.  But, I’ve been tired and a little lazy.  But then, I found out early last week I had screwed up big-time.  Sam was signed up for football camp and was really looking forward to it.  So, at the appointed time, I took him to the school – and found an empty practice field.  It turned out that in July an email had been sent out changing the dates of the camp to the week prior.  I had missed that email.  He was crushed and I felt awful.  I still feel really…


July 27, 2017
It’s 9:40 in the morning and I am absolutely exhausted.  My allergies flared up a couple of days ago and so I’ve been drugging myself and not sleeping well.  Normally I don’t have a bit of problem until around Aug. 10 when they start in earnest, but I’ve had several days like this already this summer.  And then I read this morning that we are supposed to have another warmer-than-usual fall which usually extends the allergy season for me.  Maybe the weathermen are wrong.  Will and I heard locusts last week and according to Siri, the first frost comes 6 weeks after the locusts – which would make it early Sept, which seems about a month too early, though.
I don’t have a lot to report.  All the things I thought we’d be getting done after the wedding, we aren’t.  I’m tired.  I feel like just getting through each day is an accomplishment.  Will and I did start the ceilings this week, so that’s something, anyway.  I don’t know if I mentioned on here that I decided to plank them. …

Mid Summer Madness

Clutching a blood soaked towel to his hand, he stumbled into the room, exclaiming accusingly, “You shouldn’t have given me that knife!”
Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it?  And, somehow, my life is full of said drama.  This actual scene occurred yesterday afternoon at my house.  Will gave each of his groomsmen a really nice knife with their names and a Bible verse engraved on the handle.  Well, yesterday afternoon, Ben flicked his open and then tried to shut it, slicing his thumb up instead.  Will happened to be at my house when this occurred and Ben knew just who to blame!
After I got him all bandaged up he informed me he didn’t ever want to “see that knife again!”  I put it nicely on his bookshelf and told him it was a special gift from his brother as a reminder of a super special day and he didn’t ever have to open it – he could just look at it.  Nope.  Later, Ben showed me how he hid the knife underneath his prom king hat on the top shelf of his bookshelves.  “Now it can’t hurt me ag…

Better than Okay

July 1, 2017
And just like that, I can breathe again!  Maybe – If I ever wake up, that is.  I have been absolutely exhausted all week long.  I think it’s post-wedding let-down.  I was operating on adrenaline for a few days (weeks) there.  I knew that was going on because I had to use Advil PM for about 5 nights straight over the last week because I could not shut my brain off!  But now, I have no problem sleeping – I just can’t get enough of it!
So, yes – the wedding is over.  I have married off my firstborn child.  And I survived.  I did more than survive the event.  I enjoyed  it, which was a huge blessing and answer to prayer.  I just didn’t see how I could, as I envisioned the actual day.  But I was praying and some widowed friends of mine were praying specifically for this concern – and it was a blessing of a day for me.
It was sweet.  It was simple.  It was a very, very God-honoring ceremony.  And I didn’t cry.  Well, I may have fought tears after Will walked me down the aisle and …

I'm not Wearing Grandma

Monday It’s wedding month – and the countdown is on!  I have the next couple of weeks mapped out with wedding related chores for every day.  We’ll get there!  In fact, as I am typing this, I am frying up 10 pounds of bacon for the rehearsal dinner.  I wonder if that will be enough?
This week all 4 boys are in Colorado on their pre-wedding “guys trip.”  Sam was a little teary as he left yesterday morning.  He had been telling me all weekend long that he just wasn’t sure he could be away from me this long.  But it’s good for him.  And it’s good preparation because, if he wants, I am planning to send him to Junior Boys camp next summer.
I spent all day Saturday getting them ready for their trip.  That is the number one reason I do not like camping (well, besides having to be in nature, walking to the bathroom, and dealing with bugs) – the shopping and the  packing!  It is SO much work!
I woke up Sat. morning and didn’t even want to get out bed because I had so much to do.  First, I had to go…