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Break-Out Life

MondayI think I will be working on this post all week long, in between class assignments, working on my linguistics project, starting my British Lit research paper, working, grocery shopping, taking the girls to therapy, and my normal household stuff – cooking, laundry, etc.

Two weeks until these classes are done – TWO WEEKS! I’m doing fantastic in them (thankfully) but they are killing me. I sure hope Stress Management and Grammar won’t be as difficult. Those are the next two I take. I’ll be in those right up til a week before Christmas.

Tomorrow I am the librarian the kids’ school, I found out today. Hmmm – I’ve never done that before. Today I worked a half day in the Level 3 classroom, which I think I’ve decided is my favorite room. But it is hard work. I have to do toileting duties for teenage boys and for that level of care, I think the associates are really underpaid. Today we took the kids to Walmart and then to a park designed for special …

It's About the Napkin

Today is the last hot day – or so they say. I think Des Moines broke a record yesterday with the high being something like 92 degrees. David, Ben, and Sam went to a Drake football game and all came home red - faced (literally) because they forgot to take the sunscreen.

The hot weather has meant an extension in my allergies (the same allergies that weren’t bothering me too much in Aug). I ended up getting sick from them this weekend. That happens every so often when I have an attack so bad that no drugs can touch it and then I end up getting feverish and having other cold symptoms. I actually called in sick to work Friday and I have never done that before. I felt terrible because here I was already a sub and now they had to get a sub for a sub. And they just don’t have enough people working those positions right now. But I’m feeling better today – a bit draggy still and a little hollow in the head, but not like it was Friday and Saturday.

I have …

Speeding Up and Slowing Down

I think I was a little too hasty in saying that my allergies weren’t too bad this year. They have arrived! The morning Claritin and pepper spray is still helping and I do feel like they are under better control than in past years, but I’m still struggling right now. In fact, last Tuesday I was so wiped out from lack of sleep and drugs that after I got home from taking the kids to school, I sat down on my bed to do my devos, like normal, and fell asleep! I never do that! The bad thing is that I was supposed to go to a funeral that morning, but I didn’t make it. I really didn’t want to go, anyway, but I probably should have.

Fortunately, they did not bother me this past weekend when I went to Ladies Retreat. I have had some pretty miserable weekends at those retreats in the past. I’ll write more on the retreat later.

So, my new classes are underway. I’m not really crazy about either one. I’m especially not crazy about having class from 5:30 to 11 p…

Old Bodies, Little Bodies, Allergy-Bodies, Used Bodies

And just like that, the summer was over…
The kids started back today and I was even on the ball enough to have David start his senior year, too.  They all did just fine.  The school is undergoing some major renovations.  It was fun to walk in the new entry way this morning and see the new office, lunch room, and library.  It’s so modern-looking now!
Last night was  the back-to-school night where the kids bring in their school supplies and meet their teachers.  I had my first classes of the new term and couldn’t take them.  So Will and Arien did it for me.  I was so thankful for those two!  Arien even took pictures and texted them to me.
I have noticed in recent weeks that Sam’s stuttering has gotten pretty bad again.  But, I remember last year at this same time, the same thing happened.  I think he has some form of anxiety and this is one of the way it manifests itself (what did we all ever do before there was a diagnosis for everything?  Didn’t we used to just ‘get nervous”?).  Actually…


I really do not have a ton to write about.  It’s the lull before the gale, I guess.  School starts for the kids on Aug. 29, which means I should start getting sub calls soon thereafter.  My own next term starts Aug. 28, and the way it is set up, I think it’s going to be a pretty grueling 8 weeks.  But right now, I’m just kind of floating along, enjoying the last of summer break.
I finally did do some stuff with the kids last weekend, though.  All summer long I had planned to take them to Living History Farms and to a pool at least once.  But, I’ve been tired and a little lazy.  But then, I found out early last week I had screwed up big-time.  Sam was signed up for football camp and was really looking forward to it.  So, at the appointed time, I took him to the school – and found an empty practice field.  It turned out that in July an email had been sent out changing the dates of the camp to the week prior.  I had missed that email.  He was crushed and I felt awful.  I still feel really…


July 27, 2017
It’s 9:40 in the morning and I am absolutely exhausted.  My allergies flared up a couple of days ago and so I’ve been drugging myself and not sleeping well.  Normally I don’t have a bit of problem until around Aug. 10 when they start in earnest, but I’ve had several days like this already this summer.  And then I read this morning that we are supposed to have another warmer-than-usual fall which usually extends the allergy season for me.  Maybe the weathermen are wrong.  Will and I heard locusts last week and according to Siri, the first frost comes 6 weeks after the locusts – which would make it early Sept, which seems about a month too early, though.
I don’t have a lot to report.  All the things I thought we’d be getting done after the wedding, we aren’t.  I’m tired.  I feel like just getting through each day is an accomplishment.  Will and I did start the ceilings this week, so that’s something, anyway.  I don’t know if I mentioned on here that I decided to plank them. …