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Monday It is finally…over.  Two of the hardest, back to back terms I have ever experienced. 
A’s in every single class.
Even my grammar class!  I couldn’t believe it!  Although, I kind of suspect the professor was giving them out for effort.  I thought I was going to be good to get out of that one with a C!  But the last test was graded today and I had a 97% final grade.  Wooh…time for a break.  I get 3 weeks now.  Then I start again.  Two literature classes this time – something called “Dramatic Literature” (whatever that is – maybe plays?) and World Literature.  My favorite professor, the one who told me that she was quite certain I could make it in college based on my email to her telling her I didn’t think I could do this when I about fainted looking at my first syllabus is teaching one of them.  And then I’ll have her again for another class that starts in March.
I received an email about graduation exercises the other day.  But I think it was just sent to me because I’m a senior.  …

Thankful for Fleas

Not quite sure how the entire month has spend by since I last wrote.  Oh, yes I can…Where to start?
Let’s see…
Lizzie had a tube put in her right ear last Friday.  This was the first time I’ve ever sat in a surgery waiting area all by myself.  Pastor and Marcia used to go with me.  I guess I should get used to it, now.  Besides, ear tubes are pretty minor.  She did fine.
But, earlier in the week when I took Lizzie in for her pre-op physical, I got a shock.  The dr was horrified at her physical development and thinks she may have something called, “Precocious Puberty.”  It kind of makes me mad because 5 years ago I had the girls in this clinic.  We saw a PA then.  I noticed that at age 4, Lizzie already had the beginnings of a chest so I asked the PA about that.  She laughed and said, “Don’t you know that all black girls are curvy?”  Well, no, I didn’t.  How was I supposed to know?  So all this time I’ve thought Lizzie’s early development was normal because of her race.
The dr exam…

Celebrations and Growing Pains

Ahhh….the post Halloween, post birthday drag is happening today, fueled by a late bedtime, too much walking and way too much sugar…
I was so thankful I did not get  asked to work today!
Sam is actually home today.  After complaining all morning long while we got ready for school about various aching body parts he started crying, which is not like him.  I figured it was just fatigue, but let him stay home – sent him back to bed.  I don’t know if he actually slept any more or not because by the time I got home from taking the girls to school and then the hour round trip to take Ben to Genesis and back, he was up.  So, I’ve had him helping me around the house, which he has been very willing to do.  Sometimes we just need a “down” day.
So yes, yesterday was Lizzie’s birthday – and Halloween, of course.  I had suggested to her that we break things up and celebrate her birthday on Monday night, but she didn’t want to do that and I couldn’t blame her.  Instead, Monday night was David’s last nig…