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Falling Apart while Flying

I read this joke a couple of days ago and it still cracks me up:

What kind of car does Jesus drive?


Answer: A Christler
The degree to which I find this absolutely hilarious may be connected to the degree of fatigue and stress in my life right now, actually…
Next week is my last week of classes for this term. It cannot come quickly enough! I’m already scheduled to work Monday, but I’ve decided I’m not accepting any other jobs. I have got to get this schoolwork done. I have never had a term like this where by the weekend I am so swamped by all my work that I’m up late every Sun. night just trying to get it all in on time. I think I’ve only made it to Sun. night church once this entire term. Not that God is keeping track – he knows my heart. But I still feel bad. Next term has to be easier, right?

I sure hope it’s easier, physically. I have been just a mess since late Dec. when my back went out. My left leg has been numb and aching d…

Frantic February

Ugh – it has been so long since I’ve been able to write. As it is, I may be writing on this post for the next week. Suffice it to say, I am one busy woman right now. The other day I had to get a resume done (more on that later) and the lady helping me commented that “You have six kids, some with special needs, you are working two part-time jobs, you’re a single mom and you’re going to school – I don’t know how you manage!” I don’t think about it until someone says something like that. I imagine God has a lot to do with that!

The substitute calls have been rolling in. So far, I’ve worked one day at the high school, one at the middle school, and three at the elementary. There were a whole lot more days I got calls that I couldn’t take. I finally got my paperwork turned into the superintendent’s office this week so I can eventually get paid and the lady doing it said something about me being in hot demand. I told her I was sure it had more to do with signing up in the mi…