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#46 - At Least I Smell Good

I am now 46 years old.  It seems like every year I have to comment on how much I like or dislike my new age.  I’m not so crazy about the number 46, even though it’s an even number. I think “45” sounded better.  Even “47” seems a little more appealing than “46.”  48 and 49 do not really excite me, either, because those numbers seem especially middle aged.  50 actually sounds kind of good, too.  I know – I’m slightly “off.” 
My birthday was fine.  It was on a Saturday this year.  Arien had a lingerie shower that afternoon at Janie’s, her sister-in-law’s.  So I went to that and had a nice time.  That evening we all went out to eat and then came back to the house to celebrate…with the cake I made.  Someday, maybe I won’t have to make my own cakes anymore!  That just seems wrong.  Maybe it’s because I never had to make them when Paul was alive.  I don’t know.  Anyway, it was a good day.  I think people like me, if I can judge by the amount of cards I receive on my birthday.  Even the next d…

Lizzie's Story

Lizzie came to me this afternoon and asked if she could write a story and put it on my blog. Thinking she was doing something made-up, I was surprised to see her writing about her own life. She did ask me to edit her writing (I didn't even know she knew that word, "edit") I left it just as it is. This is Lizzie, in her own words, at the age of 8.

This is my story. My name is Lizzie or you could call me Elizabeth. You might know my mom Sarah, she is really great. She took me and my sister Ellie in when I was 3 years old and my sister Ellie was going to have her birthday in a few days she was going to be 1 year old. So how I got taken away from my birth mom was that she made poor decision in her life. I was moved many times when I was younger. And I also got taken away from my birth brothers. It was not fun but I knew God had a plan that I would be adopted and live with these wonderful people in a great house. It wasn’t fun but like I said God always has a plan for me and f…

Tense Times and Relaxation


I’m tired. It’s finally hitting me because I am sitting down, I think. Today was Ben’s dance competition in Iowa City and I had to take all the Littles with me. They are exhausting. I think it is actually harder now that they are in school because I don’t have to deal with them en masse all the time like I used to. They wear me out!

Ben’s team did awesome – gold medal winners. There was only one other team in their section that did as well as them, I thought. They, too, earned gold.

The good news is that, physically, I am feeling a lot better than when I last wrote. I think massages are the key. There was nothing relaxing about the one I had. This tiny Asian woman really worked me over, targeting my shoulders and lower back. As she worked on me I found myself practicing the Lamaze breathing I was taught 23 years ago (that I never once used for labor, but sure has come in handy for other things!). It hurt! And then for the next 3 days I felt like I’d been run over.…