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Tired Times, School Stuff, and Perfectionistic Progeny

Friday:  I am exhausted.  Really, really tired.  I’ve been trying to remember  which days I worked this week and I’m having trouble with that.  I’m pretty sure it was only yesterday and today.  That’s really not that much – just worn out, I guess.  But I get to stay home tomorrow, which is good because I have a lot of schoolwork to finish up. 
I’ve had 5:53 am wake-up calls for the past 3 days (from the school).  Wednesday I couldn’t.  Yesterday I did.  I worked with a little boy in Sam’s class that I have worked with several times before.  I felt like I didn’t do much because he gets growly if he senses you are hovering.  Knowing  that Sam’s teacher planned to take today off I asked if there was anything I could do to help her yesterday.  She handed me a stack of third grade letters and asked if I would mind editing them.  Would I mind?!  The girl born with a red correction pen in her hand?!!  It was fine.  And I was nice, since they are only 9 year olds.
Today they wanted me to be 3 d…

Calvinism and Forgetting

A beautiful, warm, sunny Saturday…after all the rain we’ve had lately, this is especially welcome!  I actually broke down this week and ordered rubber rain boots for the kids.  I’ve never, in all my years of parenting, bought those things – never saw the need for them.  But now, with parking over at the high school and walking to the elementary every day…I see where they might come in handy.
I worked a week ago Friday at the middle school, Monday I was there, and again Thursday.  Friday and Monday I was with one 7th grade boy – an anxious little guy.  But he made the comment, “I wish you could be with me  all the time.  You helped me SO much!”  And then when I arrived Thursday to work with a very articulate 6th grade girl she exclaimed, “I’ve been looking forward to having you come!”  She immediately admired my outfit, so I decided that we would be friends from then on!  I found another Christian associate there in the middle school.  Actually, after a couple days of observing this lad…