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Officially Summer

I just finished my schoolwork for this week.  Relief!  I keep thinking I need to work ahead so I won’t be dying the week of the wedding trying to get my major project in that’s also due that weekend.  But so far I haven’t managed to work ahead. 
I think I’m doing all right, though.  I found out this week that because I have started doubling up on classes I am now considered to be a full time student.  And, as such, I made the Dean’s List for the Spring semester.  My advisor sent me a nice little card letting me know that fact. *******************************  I now officially have 3 adult children.  David turned 18 yesterday.  Just imagine the freedom I’d be experiencing if we hadn’t had the Littles!  Life would sure be different.  It would be poorer and definitely less fun – but a little less stressful, too.  And cheaper!  David worked in the morning and then a couple of friends met up with him  and they spent the afternoon hanging out in Des Moines.  Then that evening they came …

Miscellaneous May

A rainy Saturday…which is ok. I didn’t have anything planned. A year ago today was Ben’s graduation party. A year from now I’ll be doing David’s. Only, I think he wants to bump his down a week so it falls on his birthday weekend. That works, too.

We had a bad storm roll through one afternoon this week – Wednesday or Thursday. Some places experienced 70 mph winds. I don’t know that ours got that high. There was a lot tree and roof damage and power outages in Des Moines. We were fine, except for our trampoline. It got kind of battered. The trampoline itself is fine, but now I don’t have net for it. The kids are pretty excited about that but I’m wondering how long it will be before someone bounces off and breaks a body part. Of course, our first trampoline never had a net and nobody except Ben broke anything on it. He fractured his foot twice from using it so much. I even remember catching the boys climbing up on the shed roof and throwing them…

School Days, Singleness, and the Saving Power of Sassiness

Saturday:  Only it didn’t!  I was getting pretty concerned when, by Sunday, the professor for my next class still had not posted the syllabus.  So, I went to the college website, did some digging, and figured out that classes didn’t start again until May 8, giving me an entire week off.  I guess this is the Spring Break I was complaining about not getting in March!  So that’s been kind of a nice little respite this week. 
Which is good, because this class looks to be pretty intensive, which surprises me.  It’s called “Aging in America” which doesn’t sound too brain-taxing.  But this guy expects a LOT of work out of us.  And our big project…is due the weekend of the wedding.  Argh…Sure hoping he lets me work ahead!
I got my final grades – an A for my conflict class.  This was kind of a neat thing.  Last Sunday evening as we were all (presumably) cramming the last bit of work in our professor wrote us a long letter in which she basically shared her Christian faith and explained how the me…