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Officially Summer


I just finished my schoolwork for this week.  Relief!  I keep thinking I need to work ahead so I won’t be dying the week of the wedding trying to get my major project in that’s also due that weekend.  But so far I haven’t managed to work ahead. 

I think I’m doing all right, though.  I found out this week that because I have started doubling up on classes I am now considered to be a full time student.  And, as such, I made the Dean’s List for the Spring semester.  My advisor sent me a nice little card letting me know that fact.
 I now officially have 3 adult children.  David turned 18 yesterday.  Just imagine the freedom I’d be experiencing if we hadn’t had the Littles!  Life would sure be different.  It would be poorer and definitely less fun – but a little less stressful, too.  And cheaper!  David worked in the morning and then a couple of friends met up with him  and they spent the afternoon hanging out in Des Moines.  Then that evening they came here, so we ordered some pizza and did his birthday celebration.  He said it was a good day.  I meant to text him at 2:28 that afternoon, but I forgot until an hour later!
School let out for the summer on Friday.  Thursday was Ellie’s kindergarten graduation.  It was a BIG deal – I had no idea!  The high school gym was pretty full of parents and grandparents.  I began to get an inkling the day before when Lizzie commented that several people had asked her if she was going to be attending Ellie’s graduation the next day.  It had never occurred to me to take those two.  But both she and Sam said they would like to go, so I got to the school about 15 min. before the ceremony and could NOT find a parking place anywhere!  I finally parked clear down the street and raced into the elementary building to collect the kids.  My legs were killing me.  And then we sped across the street to the high school and collapsed into the last row of chairs in the gymnasium, which were all that were left.

But anyway, it was a cute ceremony.  They announced all the children’s full names.  I really think Ellie had one of the prettiest names of all the kids – not that I’m biased or anything.  Afterwards, they had a nice little reception and my kids stuffed themselves full of cupcakes and bars and punch.

In the last week of school, Sam had a couple of playground incidents he related to me.  It must be the end of the school year because it sounds like kids were getting more and more aggressive the closer it approached.  The kids reported that there was an actual fist fight the day before the last day of school, complete with bloody noses.  Yikes.

Sam said one day one of the boys was giving him a hard time (I’m not sure of the details) and Sam decided to stand up to him.  So he calmly gazed into this kid’s eyes who was threatening him.  Unfortunately for Sam, this kid was taller than he was!  Sam said his heart was pounding, thinking he was going to get punched,  but he didn’t look away.  And then he said the kid just glared at him and finally walked away.  Well – yay!  I think that’s a definite step towards manhood.

And then a different day Sam told me that one kid was throwing a fit because he got “out” in a game they were playing.  Sam said, “Finally, I just had to tell him, ‘You’re going to have to learn that life is not all about you!’”  That made me laugh, mostly because that’s something my kids have heard me say on numerous occasions to them!

All the kids brought home mounds of paperwork as the year ended last week, including some of their writings their teachers had been saving all year.  I thought Sam’s writing on “My favorite holiday” was interesting.  I wonder how many kids wrote about Christmas?  Instead, Sam wrote that his favorite holiday is Easter because, “I’m a Christian and Easter is the most important Christian holiday.”  He didn’t go into too much detail, but I thought his courage and forthrightness was really neat.  God has something special planned for that boy.  I have no doubt that we had to wait so long for him because God needed him born at a certain time in history in order to do whatever it is He has planned for his life.
 Lizzie and Ellie went to some friends from school’s house for a few hours after school a week or so ago.  This family originally comes from India, I believe.  They own the grocery store in town, along with some motels south of the area.  They have a really nice, large house.  Anyway, the adults sometimes dress in “native” clothing although their kids wear normal clothes.  The only odd thing is that their 6 year old son always has his hair in a bun.  It’s long and always pulled into a braid that is wrapped into a bun on the top of his head.  The year was more than half over before I figured out he was a boy and not a girl!  I assume it’s a cultural thing.  So, anyway, they invited the girls over and they had a good time.  But later, Lizzie told me that her classmate showed her something she called a “pray” room.  Lizzie went in there with her and she said there were “idols” everywhere and the little girl demonstrated how they light incense and pray to the figures.  They must be a Buddhist family.  So, it sparked some good conversation in the van that night.   The girls also  complained to me about how “spicy” the food was that they were served – I can imagine!  The mom told me last Friday at the kindergarten graduation she’d like to have the girls over again sometime this summer.  I suppose that means I’ll have to return the favor sometime, too.  I almost wonder if it’s a “color” thing, as well our kids being in the same grades.  The school is nearly all white.  In the elementary there were 4 black children and 2 Indian with a smattering of children with Hispanic roots.  So, our kids were the darkest, obviously. 
 The other day my neighbor, Kate, who works at Fareway, told me that the boss there asked her if “David has any brothers.”  They are wanting to hire some more and according to Kate,  the boss wants someone just like David!  She told him well, there’s Sam, but he’s not quite old enough to work yet!  Of course, I hear the stories David tells me about some of his co-workers and I can see why they’d be anxious to get their hands on more young people like David!
 Lizzie came home last week with the “polite” award from her class.  That’s something her teacher does at the end of the year.  I remember last year Sam received the “most improved” award from the same teacher.  Anyway, the certificate said something about how she was the most polite student in the class.  And as a mom I’m immediately thinking of all her not-so-polite behaviors at home and thinking, “Really?”  But I guess it’s good she’s doing it away from home, anyway. 

The kids’ teachers are all lined up for next year.  Sam is getting the one I requested.  She is actually the mother of the dancer who broke her ankle during the spring dance show – really nice lady.  The teachers I requested for Lizzie and Ellie took different jobs.  But, the school just hired a new football coach and the coach is going to be one of the new third grade teachers – and Lizzie got him.  I was praying for this.  I think it will be so good for her to have a steady male influence even just for 9 months.  And then Ellie is going to have another teacher I like.  She has been a kindergarten teacher for several years but is moving up to first grade because the football coach’s wife is going to take the kindergarten spot.  So, I’m pleased about that one, too.
 Well, this is all I know.  It’s now Monday, Memorial Day.  And all I can say, is Thank God I am not camping!  We spent a lot of Memorial Days camping in years past.  Our neighbors actually pulled their pop up around to the other side of their yard and have been “camping” all weekend long – sitting around in lawn chairs, listening to loud music.  It seems…odd.  I’m guessing they couldn’t find a real spot at some campground somewhere?  I don’t know.  If I was that close to my house, I’d stay in my house!

Arien’s family is coming over later today.  I need to keep moving on my cooking and cleaning.


  1. It is strange to think how different our lives would be if we had both 'stopped' adding children when we had 3. Our elder 3 are 17, 15, and 14. Your elder 3 are adults. I wouldn't trade one of our kids for all the tea in China, for sure. It's just odd to think how much simpler, quieter, and easier (?) our lives would be. But definitely we shouldn't seek a life of ease as a Christian. I pray you have a good summer.



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