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I'm not Wearing Grandma

Monday It’s wedding month – and the countdown is on!  I have the next couple of weeks mapped out with wedding related chores for every day.  We’ll get there!  In fact, as I am typing this, I am frying up 10 pounds of bacon for the rehearsal dinner.  I wonder if that will be enough?
This week all 4 boys are in Colorado on their pre-wedding “guys trip.”  Sam was a little teary as he left yesterday morning.  He had been telling me all weekend long that he just wasn’t sure he could be away from me this long.  But it’s good for him.  And it’s good preparation because, if he wants, I am planning to send him to Junior Boys camp next summer.
I spent all day Saturday getting them ready for their trip.  That is the number one reason I do not like camping (well, besides having to be in nature, walking to the bathroom, and dealing with bugs) – the shopping and the  packing!  It is SO much work!
I woke up Sat. morning and didn’t even want to get out bed because I had so much to do.  First, I had to go…